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Microsoft Excel for Small Business Accounting? A No Brainer

There is so much you can get from Excel spreadsheets, and no more! Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft’s Excel has its many purposes one of which is capturing information and making calculations including statistics with useful bars and graphs resulting in eye-catching, aesthetic presentations; however, it does not have the capacity to convert information from one report type to another, reconcile entries, or provide real-time bookkeeping and


3 Benefits of Real Time Bookkeeping and Accounting for Small Businesses

Bookkeeping and Accounting can be boring! However, it is an essential part of your business as it gives you clear information about the status of your cash flow – how much money is truly available in your bank account for spending, who owes you money, who you owe money, how your business is performing overall and so it must be done. Many business owners who handle their


Expert Bookkeeping & Reconciliation Tips

Reconciliation is a very important aspect of the bookkeeping and accounting process. It is also the only way to ensure your numbers are accurate. As such, reconciliation of the bank and credit card accounts should be done on a monthly basis, and a report of the reconciliation kept for your records. That said, reconciliation can be tedious especially if there are multiple accounts to reconcile and they


Could You Be Losing Money Being Behind on Your Bookkeeping?

Are you a small business owner trying to manage all aspects of your business on your own? Have you fallen behind with your bookkeeping? Do you find that your bookkeeping tasks are taking the passion out of your business? Do you pull your hair out every time you think about keeping the books? (Well, not literally, I hope) Let us help you! We specialize in catching up


Thinking of Making the Move to Cloud Bookkeeping?

The fact that you are reading this means you have thought about it. But would you have been interested in a “cloud based” accounting and bookkeeping application a few years ago? Probably not! Like myself and many small business owners, you were probably still trying to get your arms around the cloud and doubting that you would ever entrust your most critical financial data to some outside


1099’s: Keeping a Tab and Ensuring Compliance

As with many tax forms 1099’s can be pretty confusing, especially now with more rules – and exceptions. There are multiple 1099 types as well as forms to accommodate them, but the most commonly used is the form 1099-Misc. As such, we will focus on the 1099-Misc. Here is a shortlist on the things that you need to know about 1099-Misc – and ensuring you are doing


Reconciling Accounts Receivable

Managing your accounts receivable is very important because the timing of receivables plays a major role in your company’s cash flow. In addition, you want to ensure your customer balances are accurate, and your receivables current, based on the terms of service you offered your customers. Reconciling the individual customer account balances with the general ledger balance establishes the accuracy of the balance sheet asset. Reconciliation of


Reconciling Your Business Accounts

Reconciling all your accounts on a monthly basis is the single most important thing you could do for yourself and your business. There are numerous software available to help make this process effortless, but regardless of the software or lack thereof, monthly reconciliations must be done in order to avoid costly mistakes. Why reconciling your accounts is so important Reconciliation is so important because it is the